The project resulted from the 2nd year of Master studies Design Studio entitled REPROGRAMMING HERITAGE – HYBRID NATURE IN THE CITY: ENCLOSED ECOLOGIES. The work in the studio is focused on the search for the formats of ecological niches in the city and their programmatic articulation into contemporary architectural and urban typologies of the middle-scale scale (middle-scale typologies). Through multiscalar and problem-based research, architectural programs that generate hybrid natures in the urban environment will be sought. The goal is to empower students with design methods for contemporary reprogramming of heritage through research-based work on selected spatial entities of heritage in the territory of the city of Belgrade. Heritage refers to the broadest framework of the built environment and does not imply a deterministic understanding of heritage as objects or entities under protection. In this project, architecture will not be the end goal, but a means through which the present is questioned and the future is built, opening up a series of broader critical topics such as urban narratives, ecologically based design, as well as the economic, ethical, social and spatial values of the practices of hybrid natures in the city.

Author: Jovana Stašević

Author: Ana Nikezić

Author: Aleksandra Milovanović


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