Master Final project

When assessing the specificity of a landscape, it is necessary to define which structural elements are crucial for achieving the desired goals of the project at hand. It is significant to define the elements that contribute to the recognition of the landscape’s character in a project. That allows us to examine the relationship between the existing state and how the principle of landscape development can be preserved after human intervention. By comprehending the complexity of nature, we get to learn and establish a holistic understanding of the interdependent relationship among all the elements. Given that visual perception of space is usually the one that connects individuals to a locality, it is crucial to consider how the natural tradition can seamlessly persist in construction without being disrupted, but instead make a positive contribution to the landscape.


“ Landscape reflects the relationship between people and place, and the part it plays in forming the setting to our everyday lives. It is a product of the interaction of the natural and cultural components of our environment, and how they are understood and experienced by people.” “An Approach to Landscape Character Assessment.” Oct. 2014

Author: Dunja Putić


Mentor: Full professor,  Vladan Djokić, associate professor Milica Milojević

Teaching Assistant: Mladen Pešić

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