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Project concept are coworking spaces that mimic atmosphere of different parts of one day. Since one day is divided into 5 different periods, just like that, project consists of five subparts that mimic atmospheres of midnight, night, dawn, daylight and twilight.


In other words, daily atmospheres materialize in space with help of architecture and set spacial conditions to which coworking typology must adapt. There two themes combined are a representation of a modern heritage; flexible spaces and healing.


Assigned project location of Master Thesis study was area of Lower Dorcol, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Belgrade, specifically, existing object of former art foundry “Sculpture” at the intersection of the streets Knez Miletnia and Carigradska.


Project concept was developed throughout two stages of research. First part was analytical research of therapeutic garden typology, designed natural spaces intended for physical and mental healing of a contemporary man. Second research phase was analysis of daily life rhythm of a contemporary human and spaces that are intended to satisfy following daily activities.


Human live rhythm was drastically accelerated in the last fifty years. Culmination of the acceleration happened during the period of a global pandemic in 2020, when man was forced to satisfy his daily needs in a limit of spatial subunits of a residential typology. During this period, residential typology showed as extremely flexible, meaning that it could endure all men spacial needs. Through this analysis coworking typology was chosen as one of research topics, since it imitates subunits of traditional residential typology. But it is also a representation of the development of the typology of working spaces and the legacy of modern architectural typology.


Introducing natural daily atmospheres into coworking spaces, therapeutic natural effect is brought into space with help of architecture; designing form, material usage, designing lighting, terrain, positioning water and green areas into space. This way, abstract daily atmosphere is mirrored into space intended for everyday useage.


Author: Emilija Pantić



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