Design studio / Student project

The city is an artist. By enabling incessant encounters he creates life, incessant interaction, touches, smells, sounds. The art of the city shapes our image of it. The city becomes a person, and the passer-by becomes its main and only character. The city personality lives as long as the imaginative constructions and sequences that give it identity and foundation in our personal mental map live. Without them, the city loses its being and becomes an unmotivated artifact, although it continues to physically exist and grow. The archeology of memory opens questions of the closeness of the city and passers-by, points to their common experiences, touches and traces, noting the time that creates and changes them. It acts in the sphere of the mental, the abstract, evokes some long-forgotten scenes and customs and places them in a specific spatial context. As a new driver in space, it represents the basis for preserving the personality of the city and the continuity of the city being.

Author: Andrej Jovanovic
Master Student

University/Study Programme: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture / Master Studies in Architecture (Module Architecture)

Course: Design Studio M02 – Reprogramming Heritage: Leisure Culture

Mentorship: Ana Nikezic, Jelena Ristic Trajkovic, Aleksandra Milovanovic


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