Bathroom for Miners - Diving center in Senjski Rudnik

Studio 06U

The miner’s bathroom is the place where the ritual of leaving the mine takes place. Relying on that specific culture, a new content was designed in the Senjski rudnik settlement – a diving center, which offers a special experience of underground rocks and tunnels.

For the location of this intervention, the place of the open swimming pool on the former terrace of the club, in the immediate vicinity of the school and the House of Engineers, was chosen. Due to the specificity of the place itself and the preservation of its spirit, the intervention largely includes the reconstruction and conversion of existing buildings. The home for engineers and the elementary school retain their original appearance, while a new and recognizable structure is defined within the borders of the terrace.

The project of the diving center includes a proctor intended for divers, including a deep dive and hotel accommodation, as well as an exhibition proctor intended for the general public and lovers of underground and underwater photography, locals and visitors.

Author: Andrijana Djukić

Associate professor Milica Milojević

Teaching Assistant Mladen Pešić

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