Ca’ Tron north façade in Venice

A multidisciplinary method for the analysis, repository and processing of data

Sources historical and critical interpretation

Focus on Ionic column

The target of this thesis is to demonstrate the potential offered by using new digital methods to achieve archiving and processing of data in the restoration of heritage buildings, thanks to the implementation of information into a coherent database, thus favoring accessibility as well as interconnection, to ease the knowledge of the historical architectural heritage. In the same way it is intended to promote the integration between historical and material analysis.

Summing up in four points:
1) To provide a method of investigation and archiving of the information, obtained from the analysis of historical sources, from direct sources and from the materials of the building, which facilitates the knowledge of the historical architectural heritage and improves the accessibility of information.
2) To offer a tool that facilitates interaction and collaboration between operators interested in the conservation project, in order to facilitate and optimize the integration of disciplines in the study of sources and in the intervention process.

3) To promote the reading and monitoring of past and future interventions in order to assess their effectiveness or inefficacy in supporting decisions regarding their conservation rather than their removal.

4) To facilitate the organization of preventive and extraordinary restoration operations by promoting the knowledge of the evolution of decay in relation to past and present interventions carried out and the different stone-lithoid materials involved.

Author: Enrico Da Pian
Young Architect

Author: Martina Segafredo
Young Architect

Authors: Enrico Da Pian, Martina Segafredo

Original Title: Il prospetto nord di Ca’ Tron a Venezia: un metodo multidisciplinare per l’analisi, l’archiviazione e l’elaborazione dei dati.

University/Study Programme: Università IUAV di Venezia | Master Degree in

Architettura per il Nuovo e l’Antico

Course: Thesis project | 2019/2020

Supervisor: Prof. Fabrizio Antonelli, Prof.ssa Emanuela Sorbo

Mentorship: Elena Tesser

Prize/Mentions: 3rd prize “Giovani Sira 2021”, Special Mention

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