Subject M02AT within the masters’ studies at a program of Architectural Technology is based on finding solutions through the research of sustainable principles of construction and their application in our given location. The location is based in the region of the city center called Savamala, right next to the Brakov bridge. The current site on the location of the Spanish hut represents a half-demolished building. The idea was to create a space dedicated to culture and cultural events through the revitalization of the building, by remaining the existing shape of the facade and adding new elements such as a garden, a usable attic, etc. This particular project object has mixed functions such as educational spaces, a restaurant where promoting wine can be tasted, and an event center for upscaled promotions of Serbian wine. Various functions within an object such as this can be challenging in a way of separating them, yet projecting the space to function as one cohesive space with valid technological solutions. Cultural centers such as this are important in way of promoting family businesses, educating young people, bringing the community together, and elevating the overall appearance of the city center.

Author: Danica Obradović

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

I year of Master studies Architecture, Module Architectural Technologies

M02 Studio design project

Mentorship: prof. Dr. Ana Radivojević
Assistant Nevena Lukić

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