The Spanish House is a half-demolished building from the 19th century in the center of Belgrade. The primary idea is to provide space for cultural content through the revitalization of the building. Analyzing the potential cultural contents that could be found within the Spanish house, the formation of the Center for Architecture and Design was the final decision, given that the city does not have a place intended primarily for the aforementioned content. The idea is to form an object that will be a combination of traditional (remains of facade walls) and modern principles of construction (a roof that is freer in form and grid construction) through which the direct development of architecture throughout history is depicted. Also, the Spanish house represents a starting framework for applying some of the concepts of sustainability and circular economy. Retaining the existing structure of the building as well as the application of various materials, techniques and construction technologies contributes to the sustainability of the project in many different aspects, from economic to ecological.

Author: Stevo Brajić

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

I year of Master studies Architecture, Module Architectural Technologies

M02 Studio design project

Mentorship: prof. Dr. Ana Radivojević
Assistant Nevena Lukić

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