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The proposed master thesis project aims to address two pressing issues of our time: the repurposing of abandoned villages and the provision of appropriate living space for individuals with dementia. The concept of community housing serves as a potential solution for both challenges, offering an alternative to the existing options of institutional elderly care or home care. This innovative approach to the reuse of an abandoned village seeks to create a middle ground between these two options, providing a sense of community and social interaction while also addressing the specific needs of individuals with dementia.


The project specifically focuses on the abandoned, traditionally built village of Pristava, which boasts desirable attributes such as proximity to nature, a pleasant climate and unique local ambiance. These features are of particular importance for individuals with dementia in the area, as they aid in daily space and time orientation.


The project approach is to emphasize the qualities of an existing village, which is currently labelled as a cultural heritage in terms of its historical village structure from the 19th century. The beauty of the village lies in the interlacement of all Pristava’s attributes, which are mostly related to the characteristics of old Mediterranean settlements. It is about enchanting outside spaces in-between the buildings, human scale of the interior, precisely made stone details…


The proposed renovation of the village creates a new-old community living space for individuals with dementia and other isolated elderly from nearby villages. This involves the preservation of the village’s historical and architectural characteristics while incorporating modern amenities and design elements to meet the needs of the new residents. The project is developed as a case study, which aims to show one of the possible futures for the cultural heritage of abandoned villages in Slovenia.


Author: Tadej Urh



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