Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment between theory and practice

The presentation intends to introduce the results from the first six months of the project Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher Education (HERSUS). This initial phase aims to support the five participating Architectural Schools in establishing high-quality standards regarding the sustainability of the built heritage through cross-cultural communication and problems solving in an international environment. The presentation has a twofold focus: (1) to critically assess the first project intellectual outputs (the review of the best practices on educating sustainability and heritage, and the webinar), and (2) to open up a discussion on Statements for teaching through Design for Sustainability of the built environment and Heritage awareness. The presentation highlights parallels of conditions, building practices and educational practices from different countries and reveal the variety of problems and challenges related to the integration of theory and practice in this field.

Presenters: Vladan Djokić, Milica Milojević, Aleksandra Djordjević, Aleksandra Milovanović, Mladen Pešić

Event: 6th Heritage Forum of Central Europe Heritage and Development

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