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Heritage Management

IAPH headquarters at the ‘Claustro de Legos’ of the ‘Monasterio de la La Cartuja de Santa Ma de las Cuevas’ (Sevilla) Copyright: IAPH Instituto Andaluz de Patrimonio Histórico (Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute) headquarters at the ‘Claustro de Legos’ of the ‘Monasterio de la Cartuja Marta García-Casasola, 2021

Set of planed actions that have the aim of protecting heritage. Actions that are proposed from an integrated consideration of the asset and from a transdiciplinary perspective that bases decision making on knowledge and reaches agreements through participation of the different agents involved.

Heritage management models have changed from a lineal conception of the action of protecting–structured in phases of knowledge, intervention and valuing–, to its understanding as a transversal, relational and continuous process (Mosquera Adell, 2018). Preliminary Studies and heritage characterization, diagnosis and definition of values are developed in this way to lead to the project and its implementation, concluding with maintenance management and preventive conservation.

Heritage management requires specific work tools that are fundamentally related with documentary management and knowledge spacialization through the use of graphic tools: planimetric surveys or BIM/GIS models. In a transversal way, the transfer of results is implemented by incorporating dissemination and divulgation actions.

The reformulation of the concept at present, from a sustainable point of view, leads us to talk about the notion of shared management applying participation processes in all phases.

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Author: Marta García-Casasola
Universidad de Sevilla - UNESCO Chair CREhAR

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