History and Critical Theory of Conservation (ARH 517)

Monastery of Ayios Heraklidios

Students: Maria Solomou, Natasa Kotsoni, Theodora Hadjipetrou

The course includes a critical overview of contemporary trends and theories on conservation and reuse of historic buildings and  buildings of the modern movement, providing the general principles and methodology for the overall protection of heritage buildings.  In the framework of this course, a critical analysis of international charters and declarations on conservation, including the main theories of conservation, are discussed and important examples of historic conservation projects are analysed. In the framework of this course lectures, theoretical discussions, critical analysis of selected essays, site visits as well as implementation and presentation of projects prepared by students are carried out. Projects include critical analysis of selected buildings after collecting information on their development throughout history (acknowledging the various phases, successive layers and interventions they had undergone), in the sociopolitical framework of each period, followed by a critical analysis on the methods of rehabilitation. Finally suggestions and solutions are proposed on how to manage the problems encountered during their analysis.


Author: Theodora Hadjipetrou
Researcher, University of Cyprus

University/Study Programme: University of Cyprus / Faculty of Architecture / Interdepartmental graduate program “Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites”


Course: History and Critical Theory of Conservation (ΑΡΗ 517: Θεωρία και Κριτική Προσέγγιση της Αποκατάστασης)



Maria Philokyprou, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus



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