Key factor for the improvement of architectural education in terms of sustainability and cultural heritage awareness and training

Angel L. González Morales

“The key factor for improving awareness and training in sustainability and heritage is REAL CHANGE ACTION (or conservation): to achieve and encourage the personal involvement of the actors (institutions, teachers, students, citizens, etc.) included in the processes of improvement or protection of spaces or assets by promoting a change of attitude. To this end, initially a training process should be carried out for instructors, which, in addition to the usual topics, should be complemented with cross-cutting themes taken from other disciplines such as educational sciences, psychology (environmental or social), social work, communication sciences, etc.”

— HERSUS IO2 Questionnaire for the State of Art

Author: Angel L. González Morales
ITACA Ambiente Elegido, Education for Development Project, NGO

HERSUS IO2 Questionnaire for the State of Art

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