Lambros and Thalia David Annual Awards in Architectural Design - 1st prize award

Diploma Thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus 

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Lambros and Thalia David Annual Awards in Architectural Design (2023), Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus


1st prize award


  • Lucus X Tales: An Eco Archive for future Nicosia through animation of time

Student: Anastasia Mattheou

Supervisors: Popi Iakovou, Konstantinos Avramides, George Kyriazis


  • Promised Land

Student: Marios Tsaggaris

Supervisors: Andreas Savvides, Aimilios Michael and Constantinos Marcou


In the above-mentioned diplomas theses, different tools and approaches were used to rethink aspects of architecture and to address contemporary challenges. These diploma projects are characterized by great originality, sensitivity to expression and completeness.


Some of the challenges addressed by the two diploma projects are the following:

  • adaptation of existing building stock (i.e. refugee premises) in order to satisfy contemporary housing needs and the symbiotic coexistence of local and migratory populations.
  • redefining the role of the architect as that of an architect-observer, who identifies and addresses the concerns of city dwellers, while shaping the interplay between the urban environment and human activities.
  • Aspiring to instigate change and to promote the creation of socially conscious built environments.

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