Lambros and Thalia David Annual Awards in Architectural Design - Honorable Mentions

Diploma Thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus

Lambros and Thalia David Annual Awards in Architectural Design (2023), Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus


Honorable Mentions


  • Urban Active Lifestyles

A way to deal with blue and green infrastructures at Larnaca’s evolving waterfront.

Student: Rafaella Kyriakou

Supervisors: Aimilios Michael, Andreas Savvidis, George Kyriazis


  • Nicosia’s Places of Transition

Transitional Spaces in the context of Dislocation, Abandonment and Relocation

Student: Dimitris Nikolaou

Supervisors: Popi Iacovou, Konstantinos Avramidis, Christos Papastergiou


  • Symbiot

Designing a Living Façade

Student: Marios Solomou

Supervisors: Odysseas Kontovourkis, Aimilios Michael and Anastasia Angelidou


These three diplomas theses represent examples of different approaches and processes that may be used as primers for design and that address elements of architectural composition that are deemed worthy of note.

Some of the challenges examined by the three diploma projects are the following:

  • The rehabilitation and regeneration of underutilized coastal infrastructure (i.e. an abandoned oil refinery site) through the adaptative reuse of existing spaces and the addition of new buildings open to the public that will enable people of all ages to renegotiate their relationship to the waterfront through a program that promotes an active lifestyle.
  • The transformation of a proposed ‘generic space’ – with characteristics of a ‘non-place’ – into an infrastructure that will allow for the adoption of a new multicultural identity.

The creation of a prototype for a dynamic façade that may offer a solution to todays’ environmental problems, such as being able to adapt to climatic fluctuations by dealing with issues of insolation and shading to achieve thermal and visual comfort.

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