Between land and water

Education - Students / Finalist

The present thesis deals with the integration of a building complex in a sensitive landscape with a changing water level, which aims to serve, mainly, the existing activities.


The study area is Kouris Dam in the province of Limassol, the construction of which began in 1984 and was completed in 1988. This event not only made changes in the landscape and its ecosystems, but also created new conditions for the surrounding villages. More specifically, due to the creation of the dam, the settlement of Alassa, which was located at the site of the dam, was moved to a higher point.


Conditions have also changed for the villages around the dam since they now have direct access to a permanent source of water. These villages have not yet assimilated the element of water into their culture and daily life and have not benefited from this construction. However, some programs and activities have started to appear in the area of the dam such as fishing, rowing, walking, cycling etc.


The aim of this project is to set up a leisure center in the area to strengthen the existing activities and organize them in such a way as to create conditions of benefit for the communities that suddenly are next to the water. The proposed building unit that will be integrated in the area, will be directly related to the water element and the terrestrial element, involving the residents of the surrounding villages and tourists, seeking the introduction of a new cycle of economy, through leisure activities.


Author: Mahnia Fallahnejad



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