Modern Architecture Research (MAR) Support Program

Research Honorary Award / Special Mention

The Architects’ Association 1927 established the “Modern Architecture Research (MAR) Support Program” in 2020 to contribute to the development of projects and/or the realization of studies on modern architectural heritage.


The support program aims to document, and sustain the modern architectural heritage in Turkey, raise social awareness of society, and inform the public/non-governmental organizations about this heritage. The program is open to interdisciplinary, original, creative research projects, proposals, and activities to be developed/carried out by independent researchers, academicians, and postgraduate researchers.


The program includes different supports, which vary according to the required needs; partial or complete financial support of giving the opportunity of organizing events at the venue of the Association or providing consultancy for establishing institutional and academic connections in the promotion, presentation, and publication of the studies. It is an annual support program in which proposals are evaluated through a jury system.


Author: Architects’ Association 1927 – Modern Architecture Research (MAR) Support Program



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