Monument to industrial settlements – Change of perspective

Studio 06U

Various objects of transportation and infrastructure systems bear witness to the phases and dynamics of the development of the mining settlement. Movement and perspective change is the theme of this research inspired by transportation systems. The introduction of new and the abandonment of old ways of transporting people and ore brought changes in the way space is used, the possibilities of connecting places and the speed of movement – by overhead, underground, air lines.

The monument to mining settlements is a project dedicated to changing the perspective of seeing the place, landscape, its future and past, as well as interpreting the genesis of mining and industrial settlements in Serbia. The newly designed gallery content and the striking motive of the movement is located on the cliff, which is the most prominent point of violence in the valley, surrounded by dense forest. Monumentality is the main feature of the new structure, which is surrounded by a path that changes direction overcomes the ascent and enables contact – a visual and tactile atmosphere of the micro and macro environment.

Author: Teodor Jovanović

Associate professor Milica Milojević

Teaching Assistant Mladen Pešić

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