Reconnecting the Garden

The garden has always been the ‘’safe place’’ of cities. It is a place of meditation, contemplation, rediscovery and recognition of the city through nature. The project aims at "reintegrating" the garden into the urban fabric by finding important lost elements of a tangible and intangible nature that bring important value to it. Pre-existing lost access routes, divisions both of visual and physical nature make the starting point in finding a balanced possible solution for the alienated condition of the garden.

Silence, Withdrawal, Stillness

Disconnection, Duality

Withdrawal, Secondary

Disconnection, Segregation, Alienation

Group 2, Topic: Accessibility, routes and paths. A cultural approach to the project as a tool for a critical and multi-scale reading of the historical city relational spaces

Laura Radu

Violeta Jovanova

Emmanouela Myrtaki

Luis Rodriguez

Savvas Dimitriou

Relja Petrovic


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