Labudovo brdo Settlement, Belgrade, Serbia

Axonometry Preview of Settlement: Proposed Design Strategy

Historical narratives

Reprogramming functional framework

Horizontal Plan

Structural Framework

Exploded Axonometry

Vertical Section

Vertical Section

Ambiental Sequence

The project resulted from the 1st year of Master studies Design Studio entitled REPROGRAMMING HERITAGE: THE NEW CULTURE OF MASS HOUSING. The activities within the studio are focused on the search for formats of the new culture of mass housing in the city and their programmatic articulation into contemporary architectural and urban typologies. Through multiscalar and problem-based research, architectural programs that could generate sustainable everyday life in the urban environment have been sought. The goal was to empower students with design methods for modern housing reprogramming through engagement in the mass housing typology built on the territory of the city of Belgrade in the second half of the 20th century.

Author: Jelisaveta Petric

Author: Ana Nikezic

Author: Jelena Ristic Trajkovic

Author: Aleksandra Milovanovic

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