Lecture: RMB, Re-use of modernist buildings workshops

Michel Melenhorst

Reuse of Modernist Buildings, Design Tools for Sustainable Transformation (RMB), a European project developed within the ERASMUS+ program, is contributing to the urgent acceleration of the transformation of the EU modern movement period building stock by compiling an educational Erasmus Mundus Master, that exclusively addresses this issue. The physical, economic and social pressure on urban areas from the 20th century is causing ongoing destruction of neighbourhoods, quarters and buildings, and concomitantly, the loss of specific cultural elements and environments. RMB offers tools for a sustainable transformation process. At the core of the RMB educational model are the International workshops, in which all the university partners from Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Belgrade, Serbia, Denmark, Pakistan, the Netherlands and Portugal have participated. The workshops help students to develop specific competencies and expertise, combined with a broad spectrum of critical knowledge and interpersonal skills. With the workshops, RMB found a powerful format for involving a wider community of both professionals and non-professionals, in working on this delicate cultural issue.

OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Project Coordinator of the project "Re-use of modernist buildings"

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