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Studio DOCOMOMO was organized on the ocassion of the founding of DO.CO.MO.MO Bosnia and Herzegovina, the national branch of an international organization dedicated to documenting, protecting and promoting places, buildings and urban areas of the Modern Movement in Architecture. The goal os the Studio is to become familiar with the values of architecture from the period os socialist Yugoslavia, through the creation of a digital archive of Banja Luka modern architecture and urbanism, its digital reconstruction (endangered during the war and transition period), and proactive approaches to its protection through the identification of key values of modernist heritage and their promotion, and the construction of creative narratives, which have the potential of integrating modernist heritage into contemporary culture.


Studio DOCOMOMO is formed as a collective effort in partnership of (1) University od Banja Luka – Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (HEI); Docomomo BiH (national branch of an International organization), Center for Spatial Research (local NGO).


The collaborative Studio is based on social engagement of the local community with the objective of regaining a sense of belonging in the modernist buildings, urban areas and neighborhoods. While researching, co-imagining new scenarios, co-creating narratives and promoting modernist heritage, collective memory is evoked and colletive identity is released.


Partnership structure enables the research and collective learning results are oriented towards activist-design production, small-scale urban interventions, public cultural production, and towards internationalization of the local cultural heritage. Continuous public promotion of the Studio (ideas and creative narratives for the heritage recreation) in the general public generates business and other ideas with the aim of inclusiveness, sustainability and benefits for all involved actors and citizens.


Authors: Igor Kuvač; Milana Nedimović; Marina Radulj



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