This project represents the transformation of the used and old into something new and innovative. The basic idea is based on combining the past and the future. How to turn something destroyed into something interesting and modern? How to turn an unsafe place into a place where people gather and socialize? How to apply the principles of sustainability? The stand-up comedy cultural center is a place where people hang out, spend time and stay in a space that has largely responded to the many environmental requirements. The sustainability principles implemented in almost every segment of this project are “3R” (reduce-reuse-recycle), “D4D” and “Cradle to Cradle”. These concepts were the main criterion in the selection of materials used in the project. The desire for greater sustainability and less environmental pollution was present during the thinking and creation of the project from the initial idea and concept to the final details. Creating something new from something old is an effect that permeates the very form of the roof, which seems to have invaded the existing object and tends to create something new from it that is socially and ecologically acceptable. As can be seen in the project, almost the entire existing building remains intact and is preserved as much as possible, because the idea is not for the roof to “swallow” it, but to encourage it to become a more modern and sustainable version of the former most representative building in this part of the city.

Keywords: “3R”; “D4D”; “Cradle to Cradle”; space grid; Stand-up comedy cultural center.

Author: Ana Perović

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

I year of Master studies Architecture, Module Architectural Technologies

M02 Studio design project

Mentorship: prof. Dr. Ana Radivojević
Assistant Nevena Lukić

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