Student Workshop 1 - Group 3

Fluid Borders - Confini Fluidi

Group 3 Output | A1 Panel

Group 3 Output | A1 Panel


After finding many references in traces of the old gate present on the south of the Valmarana Salvi garden, we understood the essence and presence of the ancient gates and the possibilities to enter the garden. We were aware that on the north façade was the ancient city wall that allowed the river to pass through the Valmarana Salvi garden. The gates were the entrances and intermediate spaces created before entering this place for leisure. 

Our choice is to enhance ancient gates by designing flooring and enhancing natural elements. The people living and working around the, get confronted again from all directions with the presence of the Valmarana Salvi garden.

The gate on the east side of the Valmarana Salvi garden is hidden within the houses around the garden; we would like to re-open this path to the public so that the visitors enter again through the Loggetta Valmarana (this means to re-open the door in this loggia that is closed now).

Student Group 3

Mercedes Andrades Borras, Universidad de Sevilla – UNESCO Chair CREhAR

Chara Elia, University of Cyprus

Yannick Joosten, Università Iuav di Venezia

Eleni Kaimakamidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Nenad Pavlovic, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

Vittorio Perotti, Università Iuav di Venezia




workshop organised in the frame of the Erasmus Plus project “HERSUS – Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher Education”


participating universities
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture – Project Coordinator; Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy; University of Cyprus, Cyprus; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; University of Seville, Spain


in collaboration with
Comune di Vicenza
Soprintendenza archeologia belle arti e paesaggio per le province di Verona, Rovigo e Vicenza


organised by Università Iuav di Venezia
Emanuela Sorbo, Enrico Anguillari, Sofia Tonello, Giulia Rossi, Federica Alberti, Gianluca Spironelli, Marco Tosato, Tommaso Moretto


tutors – Università Iuav di Venezia
Sofia Tonello, Giulia Rossi, Federica Alberti, Gianluca Spironelli, Marco Tosato, Tommaso Moretto


with the participation of
Angeliki Chatzidimitriou, AUTh – Kleo Axarli, AUTh,  María F. Carrascal Pérez, USE CREhAR – Nataša Ćuković Ignajtović, UB-FA – Valentina Fanti, OAPPC-VE – Mar Loren-Méndez, USE CREhAR – Enrique Larive, USE CREhAR – Ana Nikezić, UB-FA – Chiara Occelli, Councillor of National University Council, PoliTo –  José Peral López, USE CREhAR –  Alkmini Paka, AUTh – Mladen Pešić, UB-FA – Giuseppe Rallo, Architect, Superintendency for Architectural Heritage and Landscape in Venice metropolitan area, Βelluno, Padova and Treviso – Konstantinos Sakantamis, AUTh –Andreas Savvides, UCY – Irene Sgarro, Iuav – Athina Vitopoulou, AUTh

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