Student Workshop 2 - Group 2




The research process developed through three phases. The tour of the old city of Nicosia, in the first phase, gathered information relevant to the analysis of the courtyards, their connection, accessibility and function, as well as the historical context that has a great influence.
The second phase of the research process refers to the re-examination of the degree of publicity, where three categories were singled out – public spaces, semi-public spaces and private spaces. By mapping these zones as well as the contact areas between the zones, three locations stood out. In the move between the two public spaces, the idea of connecting all three spatial categories was created.
Through the third phase, the concept of intervention is developed. Since the river used to pass through Nicosia, the concept is based on the architectural mantra – FLUID. With the introduction of the water canal, the element of water becomes ubiquitous and, depending on the location, changes its appearance.
The idea is to return to Nicosia the spatial manifestations that it lost due to circumstances, but not to disturb the peace and strength it possesses. The intervention is not radical and conspicuous, but it is sustainable, and the system (model) that was created can be applied in other locations (in other yards) in Nicosia.

Group 2

Athanasiou Despina, University of Cyprus

Gatt Aaron, University of Cyprus

Satalino Simone, Università Iuav di Venezia

Anastasja Spalevic, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

Adriana Donca, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



workshop organized in the frame of the Erasmus Plus project “HERSUS – Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher Education”


participating universities
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture – Project Coordinator; Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy; University of Cyprus, Cyprus; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; University of Seville, Spain


organized by University of Cyprus

Maria Philokyprou, Andreas Savvides, Stavroula Thravalou, Maria Nodaraki, Theodora Hadjipetrou


tutors – University of Cyprus
Stavroula Thravalou, Maria Nodaraki, Theodora Hadjipetrou, Diomedes Myrianthefs


with the participation of

Ana Nikezic, UB-FA – Ana Radivojević, UB-FA – Jelena Zivkovic, UB-FA – Angeliki Chatzidimitriou, AUTh – Konstantinos Sakantamis, AUTh – Enrico Anguillari, Iuav – Emanuela Sorbo, Iuav – Mar Loren-Méndez, USE CREhAR – Panayiota Pyla, UCY – Odysseas Kontovourkis, UCY – Aimilios Michael, UCY – Chryso Heracleous, UCY

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