Teaching Activities: Special Topics on Recording and Documenting Buildings and Sites

ARH 550 Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus

The course Special Topics on Recording and Documenting Buildings and Sites ARH 550 is an Elective graduate course offered to the students attending the graduate programme on Conservation and Restoration of Buildings and Sites. It provides fundamental and specialized knowledge of recording and documenting buildings and sites through the use of traditional/conventional and contemporary digital methods. It introduces technologies that address issues of spatial organization, morphology and construction of buildings and building sites as well as their 3D representation and documentation in the digital environment. It also addresses the recording and analysis of comfort conditions and energy efficiency of buildings and the recording of external environmental data. Among others, it addresses the recording of operational characteristics and / or specific comfort requirements of the buildings in question and includes the quantitative recording and analysis of parameters for determining thermal and visual comfort conditions.


The course aims at introducing research tools and methodological approaches of in-situ recording and documenting of buildings and urban sites, as well as individual structural and morphological building elements, while it includes methodologies for the classification, evaluation and processing of monitoring data. Through this course students acquire background knowledge and develop tools for in-situ recording of building blocks, buildings and structures (such as, recording in data sheets, use of traditional and contemporary measuring instruments). They develop different methodologies for the study of details of individual constructions with specialized equipment. They acquire knowledge on how to record damage and alterations in constructions as well as processing and evaluating data. Students get familiar in the subject of environmental design of buildings, in recording and analysing comfort and energy performance conditions of buildings and recording indoor environmental data. At the same time, they acquire a deep knowledge on issues of digital processes for recording and documenting buildings and building sites. In particular, the students will be able to understand and to investigate advanced computational/digital mechanisms and technologies, such as 3D scanning, 3D modelling, etc.

Teachers: Maria Philokyprou, Aimilios Michael, Odysseas Kontovourkis, G. Tryfonos, C. Herakleous, Department of Architecture, UCY

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