The Comic book house


The concept of the building is based on the penetration of light and the creation of an atmosphere in the atrium and on the roof. That’s why the canopy has two layers of grc cladding panels. The combination of these panels gives a specific penetration of light. There are 8 types of modules, which are applied to the object. In addition, the canopy can be assembled and disassembled and is completely independent from the Spanish house. so there is always the possibility of moving to another place. That is why there is a glass roof in part of the atrium due to the temperature difference, hence the slanted glass roof.

Author: Aleksandra Janošević

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

I year of Master studies Architecture, Module Architectural Technologies

M02 Studio design project

Mentorship: prof. Dr. Ana Radivojević
Assistant Nevena Lukić

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