Working Together for a Just and Regenerative Recovery. The Contributions of the Professions

“We must learn from the past fifty years and look to the needs of generations over the next fifty years. We must build on past successes, most importantly, not repeat and where possible fix the mistakes of the past. New models of urban and territorial development are needed, for example, economic and heritage resilience.“


The Habitat Professionals Forum of the UN (The HPF) has developed a Roadmap for Recovery which will be launched at the World Urban Forum (WUF) in June at Katowice Poland.


Roadmap for Recovery consists of three parts:

Part A provides General propositions grouped in three thematic fields:

A.1 The Institutional Capacity for Change

A.2 Responding to the Spatial Impacts of the Pandemic

A.3 Re-Tooling Planning Systems

Part B of the Roadmap develops the propositions in Part A in terms of a further 12 detailed propositions.

The following thematic responses are therefore proposed in Part B of the Roadmap.

  • Landscape, Identity and Culture
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Cultural and Natural Heritages
  • Human Rights and Urban Legislation

Part C proposes the next steps in relation to SDGs and New Urban Agenda (NUA).

Author: The Habitat Professionals Forum of the UN (The HPF)

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