The Old Core of Zemun 

Spatial cultural and historic ensemble of great value 

”The Plan defines the concept and scope of regulating and upgrading the Old Core of Zemun, with the purpose of preserving its tradition, identity, cultural, historical and natural setting, and upgrading public spaces and functions. The interdisciplinary approach to the Core, seen as a multilayered urban organism, is conceived of as conservation and planning strategy of revitalization and reconstruction on a limited scale, aimed at resolving contradictions between heritage and real-life needs” (Grozdanić, 2010). 

OCZ DR Plan recommends the protection of the existing urban fabric, the preservation and improvement of public spaces, the preservation of the plot patterns, horizontal and vertical regulation, and traditional architecture. It promotes the revitalization of the existing and introduction of new uses for buildings and spaces of exceptional cultural, historical, architectural and townscape value, as well as the preservation of vistas, skyline and townscape. The Plan suggests re-integration of system of urban squares as well as development of new pedestrian and pedestrian-friendly streets that link Zemun core with Gardoš hill and Danube river. It also sets guidelines for architectural design and construction in the future, in accordance with the “Study and valorization of buildings and urban spaces”, and defines spaces with different regime (degree) and conditions of protection.

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Authors of the analysis and photographs:

Jelena Živković, Associate professor, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

Tamara Popović, Research Trainee, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

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