The Way of the warrior

MO1 Design studio 

The residental Azuma house, which served as the basis of intervention and the task of repurposed object, in the design sense possesses all the uniqueness and beauty of Japanese design. Her mystique prompted the author’s further research into the cultural aspect of creation. Bushido, or samurai code of living, The Way of the Warriors, is the focal point of this project conceptually based on the magnificent history of Japan and its bravest soldiers. In order to preserve the memory of the samurai’s comprehensive contribution, the facility is given the function of a forge: a sacred place in Japanese society where swords are created as symbol of the perfection, skill and beauty of the aforementioned group in society. Multiplied objects vertically placed above each other speak of the sublimity of this production with the desire to cause admiration and awe. The functions are divided and organized by levels while the focus of the project is on their interconnection, staircase, road… Passing through the levels, visitors are introduced to the process of creating primarily katana, the supreme weapon of the samurai, which is big an honor in Japanese society, while on the last floor they can see the best examples of these weapons.

Author: Jana Andjelković

Mentor: associate professor arch. Igor Rajković, teaching assistant: Dr. Ana Zorić

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