Prize on Modern Built Heritage

Guidelines & templates


The submitted proposal should be integrated by the following documents:

A. Poster (based on templates)

The proposal should include one A1 board in line with the provided template that will be used for the exhibition of the prize. According to this the poster should be self-explanatory and be supported mainly in graphical documentation.

B. Dossier (based on templates)

Each proposal should submit a multipage A4 document that will provide comprehensive insight into the proposal, help to understand the context and situation of the proposal. In case that as result of the prize the HERSUS team develop a booklet or publication this will be the main document. This dossier should respect the following maximum number of pages according to each category:
  • Education – Students: 7 pages
  • Education – Instructors: 9 pages
  • Practice: 9 pages
  • Research Honorary Award: 11 pages

C. Representative Images

The submitted proposal should be summarized by 3-5 images (max 1 Mb/per image), that allow the HERSUS Team to upload the proposals at HERSUS Sharing platform.

D. Administrative documentation

The authors should prove the fulfillment of the eligibility to participate in the prize. In this line for each category the required documents are as follow:
  • Education – Students: Grade certificate
  • Education – Instructors: Affiliation certificate (Proving that the authors are part of a Higher Education Institution in Europe)
  • Practice: Authorship certificate (Issued by the corresponding College of Architects)
  • Research Honorary Award: Authorship evidence (Certificate issued by the responsible institution or cover and first page or publication or resolution)

Folder organization

Authors should provide a link where the following documentation can be downloaded. This link should be made via online services (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or similar). All the documentation should compressed in one ZIP file, organised in folders as follows:
  • 1_Poster_Folder_Full_Size
    • 1-A_Full_size_pdf_folder
      • Poster template Maximum quality pdf (at least 300ppi)
    • 1-B_Original_files_folder
      • Poster template original files
  • 2_Poster_Folder_Low_Size
      • Poster template pdf max. 20 Mbs.
  • 3_Dossier_Folder_Full_Size
    • 3-A_Full_size_pdf_folder
      • Dossier template Maximum quality pdf (at least 300ppi)
    • 3-B_Original_files_folder
      • Dossier template original files
  • 4_Representative_Images_Folder
      • 3-5 images (max 1 Mb/per image)
  • 5_Administrative_Documentation_Folder
    • Additional information to prove the fulfillment of requirements

Samples of the names of files:

  • PMH_Category_Document_ACRONYM
  • PMH_Education_Students_Poster_ACRONYM
  • PMH_Education_Students_Dossier_ACRONYM
  • PMH_Education_Students_Certificate_ACRONYM


To download the different templates click here: